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A number of colleges and universities are considering modern alternatives to long-term permits and other embedded parking models. Campuses across the country are looking to contactless parking systems to successfully roll out new daily parking options.

ParkMobile’s Daily Decision Permits allow individuals to determine if and when they drive to campus, paying a specified rate dictated by the university for each visit. Daily decision parking can enhance the parking experience on campus, creating a win-win for the school and the consumer.

What are the Benefits?

For the University:

• Create new revenue streams and reduce capital expense.
• Improve utilization of formerly permit-only lots and garages.
• Future-proof your parking operation.
• Provide an equitable permit option for patrons.
• Support sustainability initiatives.

For the Consumer:

• Increase consumer choice and offer flexible, on-demand parking solutions.
• Empower customers by offering pay-as-you-go parking.
• Extend different rates and permissions to different stakeholder groups (students, faculty, staff, and visitors).
• Provide a popular contactless payment option that many students already have on their smartphone.

How it Works

1. University staff provides discounting information for students, faculty and staff to ParkMobile.

2. Once a user registers for ParkMobile with an approved email address, the associated discount is automatically applied to their account.

3. Discounts can be configured by ParkMobile in the form of a percentage (%) off or dollar ($) amount off all available rates (hours and daily).

Virtual Access Codes

In order to solve some of the challenges that traditional long-term permits bring, ParkMobile allows designated app users access to specific zones and rates on campus. An access code will be automatically added to user accounts based on the access-list provided by the university. Similarly, if a user’s email is removed from the access-list, access privileges will drop off the user’s account. What’s more, detailed transaction reports in ParkMobile 360 provide you with all the necessary data required to track access code usage.

Download the Brochure