Engaging Users to Drive Activity

ParkMobile utilizes a variety of communication tactics to engage our users and increase their activity in the app. With a combination of in-app, push and email messaging, we keep ParkMobile top-of-mind to ensure continued app usage over time.

What are the Benefits?

  • Re-engaging lapsed users
  • Geo-targeting messages in key locations
  • Creating awareness for all parking options in the area (on-street, garage reservations, event venues, etc)
  • Alerts for parking issues (weather events, road closures, etc)
  • Promoting free or discounted local parking

Better Engagement. Better Results.

ParkMobile’s user engagement program runs all year long and delivers millions of targeted messages to the right user, in the right location, at the right time. This is all designed to drive more usage of the app and more revenue.

  • 34.7 million emails
  • 5.1+ million push notifications
  • 8.9+ million in-app messages
  • 2.2 million conversions from messaging

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