When we released ParkMobile Reporting in fall 2019, we received so much positive and constructive feedback from clients across the board. One idea in particular that stood out to me was to enable easy utilization of our dashboard visuals in quarterly client presentations and other slide decks. While ParkMobile 360 gave clients great visibility into their ParkMobile transactions, our clients needed access to a full picture of their parking operation across all technologies and meters.

This suggestion sparked the creation of Multichannel Reporting, which enables clients to view their ParkMobile transactions along with data from single-space meters, multi-space meters, or even other parking apps – all using the same reporting formats and software that we use today for ParkMobile Operational Reporting. With this advancement of the ParkMobile 360 Platform, our clients are now empowered with a truly 360-degree view of the parking transactions and revenue of their entire parking operation.

Multichannel Reporting Feature with ParkMobile 360 Platform

The program is currently being piloted by the City of Fresno, California. We have combined data from both their single and multi-space meters and from the ParkMobile app to create comprehensive reports for their parking operation. The reports include basic information and breakdowns of daily transactions and revenue, as well as interesting comparative insights into areas like channel adoption by zone and average payment amount per user in each channel.

We also have signed new partnerships with the cities of Clearwater, Orlando, and the Chattanooga Parking Authority to consolidate reporting, policies, and rates for their entire parking operation in the ParkMobile 360 platform.

ParkMobile is building these functionalities to help our clients better understand the full scope of their parking business and to empower them to make data-driven decisions about their parking operations.