How it Works

  • Enter Zone Number

    Enter zone parking number 0422 in the ParkMobile app. Select ‘The Conservation Fund’ from the locations list.

  • Choose Your Donation Amount

    Select the amount you would like to donate. Donation amounts are $1, $5, $10, $20 or $50.

  • ParkMobile Gives Back

    ParkMobile will match a portion of the donation proceeds.

ParkMobile Cares - Celebrating Earth Day 2022

What Earth Day Means to Us

At ParkMobile, we are always working towards building a more sustainable future through smart mobility.

Through ride-sharing, bike-sharing, autonomous vehicles, and other alternative options, we are witnessing advanced technology transform the way we approach mobility. With ParkMobile, users have the ability to find parking, extend parking sessions, reserve and pay for parking through their mobile devices. Our parking availability feature enables users to see real-time parking spots available in their area. We help eliminate traffic congestion associated with idling while looking for a parking spot. Our payment services provide a way to pay through a mobile device, reducing the need for change and receipts.

This year, we’re returning the love to Mother Earth by matching a portion of donations made to The Conservation Fund through the ParkMobile app from now through the end of April. Donations can be made in Zone 0422.


Let's Do Some Good this Season with ParkMobile!