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ParkMobile is the leading provider in parking payment solutions, processing over 8 million transactions every month. In fact, we process more transactions under $10 than any other company in the U.S.

Payment Flexibility

With ParkMobile, you get complete flexibility with your parking payments. We can serve as your Merchant of Record or you can be the Merchant of Record. Our systems transfer funds directly to your merchant account, and we integrate with all major payment processors so you avoid extra fees. ParkMobile currently works with more than 15 payment processors, and we are constantly adding more, allowing you to manage your operation with the most advanced payment engine on the market.

Current ParkMobile Payment Integrations





payment express


Transaction Network Services



First Data



Why Use ParkMobile for Payment Processing?

Easy Configuration 

We have technical expertise in managing complex integrations and transactions, so we do the heavy lifting for you.

Cost Transparency

Initial setup and ongoing support is part of our service and includes additional integrations, development work, new features, and functionality.

Merchant of Record Assistance

If ParkMobile is your MoR, we manage the account for you – settling funds, resolving issues, and providing payment support with low payment processing fees.

Information Protection

We have the highest level PCI compliance in the industry with protections and protocols in place to keep our customers data safe and avoid a breach.

Reporting Features

With ParkMobile’s helpful reporting features, you’ll receive the reporting required to reconcile payments and transfer funds.

Pre-Loaded Wallet Option

The ParkMobile Wallet is a stored value account within the app where users can load their wallet with any amount they choose and then use it to pay for parking on an ongoing basis.

Payment Types Accepted by ParkMobile




American Express

Apple Pay



Google Pay